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We develop custom-made enterprise logistics software that enables our clients to handle and optimize all kinds of logistics operations. Optimize your transport and entire supply chain work process with our competent Logistics software development solutions from Evalogical. For custom made supply chain software development services, it is best to consult our project strategist and then gain the benefits.

Our solutions help logistics companies to create a unified information system for effective management, control and planning of company resources. Custom logistics software can automate any routine processes of the company, thus the software ensures productivity growth and reduction of staff errors. We have considerable expertise in developing fully-functional logistics management software with route optimization, real-time fleet management, and advanced booking features.

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A developer’s sandbox like the one that comes with Kissflow’s platform allows developers and end-users to work in tandem. The end result is a software that will have greater success after adoption since the actual users of the software will have participated in its creation. There is also the lifestyle factor to account for when it comes to product delivery.

custom software development for logistics

By providing Logistics Software Consulting Services and a full range of Logistics Software Development Services, we help to create best-in-class software solutions that perfectly fit our customers’ needs. Logistics digitization is a comprehensive process that affects all sectors of this industry. Many businesses are leveraging logistics digital solutions to keep the competitive edge in the highly volatile market. Every business needs a transportation system to effectively network with their third parties and their clients. Under the guidance of a target oriented Logistics Software Development Company , the management can improve their customer relationship and sales services in the long run.

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Sometimes you might want your logistics software to offer more advanced features, and Artelogic is there to implement all your ultimate product demands. In fact, automation is the verdict for any business today, which makes your product even more competitive. The clear solution is to automate all your daily transport and inventory business operations. Implement an automation solution to simplify supply chain management and make payment & transaction systems more secure. Table of Content

1.Imperative when it comes to supply chains
2.Allow companies to automate processes
3.Track the Vehicle in Real-Time
4.Helps to keep track of all the… Project complexity, development team, region and seniority level have a big impact on the price of ERP software.

  • In cooperation with Leobit extended teams Customers implement comprehensive solutions for procurement, warehouse and transportation management.
  • There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data.
  • Andersen’s team will tailor your custom Logistics software in full accordance with your specifications.
  • And analyzing data from active sensors, our customers become able to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption, improve driving performance, get regular traffic updates, and establish predictable ETAs.
  • Develop a logistics system that helps manufacturers, distributors and 3PLs efficiently move goods and get full visibility of shipment operations.

Integration testing should be performed to ensure seamless data exchange with external systems or APIs. As soon as drivers are assigned a dispatch, they start receiving notifications, can e-sign Bills of Landing (BOLs), and calculate route miles. When a vehicle enters or exits a particular location, the software automatically adds check calls, sending notifications to customers or brokers. Transportation management solutions by TechVision are created to help our customers monitor vehicles in real-time as well as plan, carry out, and optimize transportation processes through GPS and data collection. As an Agile team of Logistics software development experts, we help logistics and transportation companies resolve their challenges with our industry-specific expertise and flexibility.

What are the advantages of custom logistics software development?

Although ready-made solutions can work as a viable option, it is only a temporary measure for performing effective logistics activities. When building a customized logistics application, a company invests in a long-term solution that ensures its continuous and effective work. The ready-made software is usually difficult to customize to the needs of a particular business.

Supply chain management software interfaces for demand planning, forecasting, and proposal editing. We proudly help clients enhance visibility, traceability, and real-time decision-making within the supply chain software market, enabling businesses to respond swiftly to changing market demands and disruptions. Due to the benefits mentioned above, your logistics & transportation company can deliver even more quality services at lower costs.

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Artelogic prepares you the digital product development contract of your supply chain software solutions, including the time frames for the whole project development. Inoxoft provides custom software development for logistics, software product development services for startups and ERP for real estate industry. Logistics is an ever-increasing industry of the global economy that is vital for any business sector and has enormous potential. One of the main software technology trends nowadays is the development and integration of custom-made systems for the automation of transportation, logistics, and shipping processes. Transportation logistics software solutions enable companies to profit from the opportunity to choose the most beneficial route for that or another shipment.

custom software development for logistics

Take advantage of early billing error detection and eliminate delivery inconsistencies. Our team at TechVision puts in all the relevant expertise and experience to provide our clients with tailored solutions to meet their unique business needs. Have your finger on the pulse of your business with our cutting-edge inventory management software. With our solutions, you’ll always know the amount and quality of the items in stock and be able to make instant inventory management decisions. Today, logistics is a massively expanding industry, crucial for any business across the globe.

Logistics software development services we offer

It means that you should pay for it on some certain period of time monthly or yearly. Therefore, the creation of custom software can be a worthwhile investment in the sustainable development of the company. It allows managers to quickly track each inventory position using Barcodes, RFIDs, or QR-based systems.

custom software development for logistics

You should either contact the solution provider for customization if they provide it or turn to an IT vendor experienced in that particular application or solution. When considering ready-made applications, businesses should be aware that they will get a solution with a certain set of features that addresses the most common use cases. At the same time, some features may be never used or miss out on the most critical management functions.

What are the benefits of digitizing your logistics and transportation operations?

During our consultation phase, you can let us know exactly what features you require for your solution, and we’ll make it happen. At Develux, we also understand the need for a software solution to “grow” with the client, which is why our software is scalable and we provide ongoing maintenance. If you need features to be added to it in the future, we’ll be happy to do so. Custom logistics software solutions differ from off-the-shelf software solutions because it is built from scratch or customized based on the specific business processes and workflows of the organization. It takes into consideration the company’s unique logistics requirements, industry regulations, desired features, and integration needs with existing systems or third-party logistics providers (3PLs). Logistics management software is the best solution to cover the needs of businesses relying on supply chain operations.

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