17 Songs about Addiction to Help You Through the Hard Days

This is a song about addiction recovery, and everyone who’s seen the light after decades in the dark will find the lyrics more relatable. ‘That Smell” was written at the height of the rock band’s indulgence in drug and substance abuse. It speaks to the cold hard truth that for many famous addicts, they want to be clean but they keep waring with themselves and losing the fight just to get up and try again. In “Not an Addict,” K’s Choice shows the denial that can come with addiction.

Overall, the song has an inspiring tone and reminds addicted individuals to preserve, even when things seem hopeless. Rhymes’s signature rat-a-tat growl pairs nicely with the slick Neptunes beat, with Diddy and Pharrell even showing up to affirm that yes, they too would enjoy a glass of Courvasier. In the lyrics of “Recover,” Bedingfield paints a picture of recovery. It acknowledges the lasting pain of addiction but shows recovery is possible. ”Recover” is a song of survival, reminding you that everything you have been through proves you are a strong person and can overcome anything.

“Breaking the Habit” by Linkin Park

The music we listen to has a large role in our lives, and particularly that of teens and adolescents. If you suspect that your child may have a drinking problem, contact a treatment https://www.excel-medical.com/5-tips-to-consider-when-choosing-a-sober-living-house/ provider today to learn about potential treatment options. Rap and hip-hop are technically separate genres but the two have been increasingly grouped together over the past decade.

The lines “This is my fight song, Take my life back song, Prove I’m alright song” are powerful declarations for anyone suffering from addiction. It persists as a source of inspiration for suburban normies, but that’s sort of the point – the band has described the song as being about ‘the resilience of ordinary people’. (There’s also talk of a 15-beer bender, because The Pouges are gonna Pogues). Forced to choose one Pogues song — this list could have been nothing but Pogues songs — it’s ‘Streams of Whiskey’ by a drinker’s nose.

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The pressure on her as a celebrity is immense, but as she says she is only human. With a driving beat, the singer sings of drinking as a marriage falls on dark times. Sung in a slightly drowsy voice gives a hint at the effects of cocaine. It is a strong condemnation of the effects of the drug and yet can apply equally to any other substance addiction. With lyrics by the incomparable Neil Peart and the music written by Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson, the song imagines a journey to the marijuana capitals of the world.

‘Can’t Feel My Face’ is centered on a dark theme, describing The Weeknd’s addiction to something, presumably, a drug that will be the cause of his death. “Jane Says” was based on a true character, with the narration following the life of a young woman looking for her path out of drugs, love, and life. The alcoholic character in the song is tired of his lifestyle, and the song sums up his efforts to overcome the addictive drink. He acknowledges the challenging journey but concedes that he has to do it the hard way to lead a sober life again.

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