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The fair became particularly important when similar fairs in French Beaucaire lost attraction around 1380. The city district Bonames has a name probably dating back to Roman times, thought to be derived from bona me(n)sa (good table). It is home to the European Central Bank, Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt Stock Exchange and several large commercial banks. When you’re done, there’s several inches of warp thread that you can’t finish—you can’t weave right up until the end, because of the way the warp is tied on.

  • On the first line, we create a virtual thread factory that will handle the thread creation for the executor.
  • Library authors will see huge performance and scalability improvements while simplifying the codebase and making it more maintainable.
  • As you can imagine, it’s excrutiatingly tedious, which is why looms like this are sold today only as novelties or toys for children (as one mommy blogger says, “it’s teaching my daughter a great deal of PATIENCE”).
  • With a virtual thread, the request can be issued asynchronously and park the virtual thread and schedule another virtual thread.
  • The U-Bahn has nine lines (U1 to U9) serving Frankfurt and the larger suburbs of Bad Homburg and Oberursel in the north.
  • This means that if we replace this executor as we did for send-off above, it’s all we need to do.

Other important cities in the region are Wiesbaden (capital of Hesse), Mainz (capital of Rhineland-Palatinate), Darmstadt, Offenbach am Main, Hanau, Aschaffenburg, Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, Rüsselsheim, Wetzlar and Marburg. In 1914, the citizens founded the University of Frankfurt, later named Goethe University Frankfurt. This marked the only civic foundation of a university in Germany; today it is one of Germany’s largest.

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Frankfurt has many downtown high-rise buildings that form its renowned Frankfurt skyline. In fact, it is one of the few cities in the European Union (EU) to have such a skyline, which is why Germans sometimes refer to Frankfurt as Mainhattan, combining the local river Main and “Manhattan”. Before World War II, the city was noted for its unique old town, the largest timber-framed old town in Europe. The Römer area was later rebuilt and is popular with visitors and for events such as Frankfurt Christmas Market.

Naturally, this is not possible, but think about how this situation is currently handled. Traffic lights allow a controlled number of cars onto the road and make the traffic use the road in an orderly fashion. In this post, we looked at what Loom will possibly bring to a future version of loom threads Java. The project is still in preview, and the APIs can change before we see it in production. But it’s nice to explore the new APIs and see what performance improvements it already gives us. A thread in Java is just a small wrapper around a thread that is managed and scheduled by the OS.


And yes, it’s this type of I/O work where Project Loom will potentially shine. Before you can start harnessing the power of Project Loom and its lightweight threads, you need to set up your development environment. At the time of writing, Project Loom was still in development, so you might need to use preview or early-access versions of Java to experiment with fibers. Our team has been experimenting with Virtual Threads since they were called Fibers. Since then and still with the release of Java 19, a limitation was prevalent, leading to Platform Thread pinning, effectively reducing concurrency when using synchronized.

To create a platform thread (a thread managed by the OS), you need to make a system call, and these are expensive. To create a virtual thread, you don’t have to make any system call, making these threads cheap to make when you need them. Behind the scenes, the JVM created a few platform threads for the virtual threads to run on. Since we are free of system calls and context switches, we can run thousands of virtual threads on just a few platform threads.


We sometimes say they are implicitly available, but this is a much more controlled (and more Java-ish) form than, say, Scala’s implicit method parameters. Note that this version of the code rematerializes the results into a List, but it’s also possible to imagine a version that had a different terminal operation that reduced the results and returned a single value. Developers who have previously used the older previews of Structured Concurrency should be aware of this change when upgrading. It’s worth pointing out that the version of Structured Concurrency that shipped in Java 21 included some minor API changes over Java 20. The main one is that fork() now returns a Subtask (which implements Supplier) instead of a bare Future (as it was in Java 20). Note that as of JDK 21, both Structured Concurrency and Scoped Values are in Preview state and so cannot really be used in production applications.

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We are doing everything we can to make the preview experience as seamless as possible for the time being, and we expect to provide first-class configuration options once Loom goes out of preview in a new OpenJDK release. The oldest and best-known university is the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, with locations in Bockenheim, Westend, and Riedberg, and the university hospital in Niederrad. Goethe Business School is part of the university’s House of Finance at Campus Westend. The Business School’s Full-Time MBA program has over 70% international students. The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) is an institution of the EU and part of the European System of Financial Supervisors that was created in response to the financial crisis of 2007–2008. Clubs concentrate in and around downtownand in the Ostend district, mainly close to Hanauer Landstraße.

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Of course, Loom has our back covered with a lot cheaper Virtual Threads. This means that if we replace this executor as we did for send-off above, it’s all we need to do. As we can see Clojure futures are nice, Just dereference them similarly to agents or atoms with (deref a-future) or a shortcut @a-future. Dereferencing causes execution to block until a future value is resolved and thus available.

loom threads

Restaurants, bars and pubs concentrate in Sachsenhausen, Nordend, Bornheim and Bockenheim. St. Catherine’s Church (Katharinenkirche) is the largest Protestant church, dedicated to Catherine of Alexandria, a martyred early Christian saint. It is located downtown at the entrance to the Zeil, the central pedestrian shopping street.

Central banks

Virtual Threads also improve a situation when limitations of OS threads were addressed by using more or less sophisticated thread pools. Experienced developers know that thread pools (of OS threads) also have significant downsides if not constrained properly. Project Loom was launched in 2017 by Ron Pressler and his team at Oracle.

The problem with real applications is them doing silly things, like calling databases, working with the file system, executing REST calls or talking to some sort of queue/stream. When you want to make an HTTP call or rather send any sort of data to another server, you (or rather the library maintainer in a layer far, far away) will open up a Socket. However, traditional thread management in Java has its challenges.

Notes on Virtual Threads and Clojure

Keep in mind that those executors were created to pool threads because platform threads are expensive to create. Using an executor that
pools threads in combination with virtual threads probably works, but it kind of misses the point of virtual threads. By contrast, Structured Concurrency is designed for task-parallel problems, which involves different but related subtasks that need to proceed in parallel.

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