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Although Barclays did not buy all of Lehman Brothers, it bought what it really wanted—Lehman’s North American investment-banking operations and its presence on Wall Street—for just $250 million. It paid $1.5 billion for Lehman’s Manhattan headquarters and other real estate. Bob Diamond called the deal a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” and just a few months later Barclays showed a gain of $3.5 billion on the transaction. Chinese attempts to invest in some American companies (such as the oil producer Unocal) had caused a political uproar, and the idea of the Chinese increasing their stake in Morgan Stanley worried some people. But Geithner wasn’t especially concerned about which country invested in Morgan Stanley, as long as it complied with applicable laws.

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The Resolution Trust Corporation, created by Congress in 1989, had used taxpayer money to buy and then auction off distressed real estate from failing savings-and-loans. Though some people criticized the agency for dumping assets on the market too quickly and selling at fire-sale prices, the approach established a floor for real-estate prices. This approach not only had worked in the past but would avoid the charged issue of government ownership. “The hedge funds panicked,” a Morgan Stanley executive recalls, and by Wednesday things had reached a fever pitch.

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Bernanke explained A.I.G.’s credit-default swaps and the likely consequences that A.I.G.’s failure would have on major U.S. and European banks. He also described the limits on the Fed’s powers to deal with an institution like A.I.G. Bent II reported that, as of that morning, the Primary Fund was facing $5.2 billion in redemption requests. At a second meeting, the board settled on eighty cents on the dollar, enabling the fund to calculate a net asset value of 99.75 cents, which could be rounded to maintain the one-dollar net asset value. At the same time, the board decided not to try to sell the securities under current market conditions.

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Senator Christopher Dodd twice asked how the Fed had the authority to lend to, and take control of, an insurance company. Bernanke argued that the Fed had emergency powers to aid any company as long as there was a “systemic risk,” and gave a brief tutorial on a little-known section of the Fed’s authorizing statute. At 6 P.M., most of the House and Senate leadership, summoned on short notice, gathered in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s conference room for a briefing by Paulson and Bernanke. Paulson announced that the Fed had decided to loan A.I.G. $85 billion and essentially seize control of the company under the Fed’s emergency powers.

  • But the deterioration in the Financial Products division and the mounting collateral demands were sources of growing concern.
  • At 3 P.M., they met with Willumstad in the conference room outside his office.
  • Although the sums at stake would be large, the risk was relatively low.
  • He was dumbfounded when he discovered that Pandit wasn’t expecting to hear from him.

That day, the Fed put $70 billion into credit markets, but with little evident effect. European central bankers were also grappling with the rapid deterioration of credit markets and were deeply concerned about the impact of an A.I.G. failure on European financial institutions and markets. Several European central bankers had spoken with Bernanke, urging the Fed to do whatever it could to prevent an A.I.G. failure. Despite efforts to calm shareholders in the Primary Fund, Bruce Bent II reported to the board that morning that redemption requests as of 9 A.M. He also told the board that Reserve Management had not arranged any credit facility or injected any capital to maintain the one-dollar net asset value.

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A bottle of chilled champagne and two glasses had been placed in the room to toast the completion of the deal. Thain felt that he had done the best he could for Merrill’s shareholders. As the time passed, Lewis grew impatient, and called several times to ask where the papers were. Neither one said anything about Thain’s future with Bank of America. “I look forward to a great partnership with Merrill Lynch,” Lewis said, raising his glass.

  • Is about to fail,” Paulson told Bush, warning that a potential collapse was likely to be catastrophic, especially with markets still highly unstable after the Lehman failure.
  • Although Barclays was well capitalized, and the F.S.A. thought it would weather the crisis, Sants did not believe that it was strong enough to absorb all the risk.
  • Sometimes words have more than one meaning, and considering these alternate meanings can lead you to a different answer.
  • He knew that a Lehman bankruptcy was likely, and that it would significantly increase the pressure on A.I.G., with additional collateral calls and a probable decline in the value of its investment portfolio.
  • Lewis immediately flew to New York, and a few hours later answered the door when Thain arrived at Bank of America’s corporate apartment, in the Time Warner Center.

As the gathering broke up, Mack pulled Thain aside and proposed that they meet that evening. At about the same time, Gary Cohn, Goldman’s president, told Peter Kraus that Goldman might be interested in buying a stake in Merrill. Kraus and Kelly agreed to go to Goldman’s headquarters early the next day. Later that day, Lehman officials met with the team led by Goldman and Credit Suisse, which was trying to quantify the “hole” in Lehman’s balance sheet—the amount by which liabilities exceeded assets.

On January 22nd, Ken Lewis met with John Thain and demanded his resignation. Bank of America publicly blamed Thain for the bonus payments, maintaining that they were his decision, not Lewis’s. (This despite the fact that the bonus payments were authorized by the document attached to the merger agreement that Lewis signed.) That day, CNBC reported on Thain’s $1.2-million office renovation.

Cox, a former Republican congressman who had represented Orange County, California, for seventeen years, was on hand as a regulator, since Lehman and other investment banks are subject to S.E.C. oversight. The previous afternoon, September 11th, Timothy Geithner, at the New York Fed, had told Paulson and Bernanke that Lehman was unlikely to be able to open for business on Monday. Since its origins, in cotton trading, Lehman had underwritten countless stock and bond offerings, had become a force in mergers and acquisitions, and was perhaps best known for its bond index, the equivalent of the Dow Jones Industrial Average for stocks. In 2005 and 2006, it was the largest underwriter of subprime-mortgage-backed securities.

Take a peek into the sprawling real estate portfolios of America’s richest people. We see this all the time in social media, including among those in the financial community who become entrenched in their thinking when they should be looking for ways to adapt, evolve and become antifragile. I made good use of it earlier this month, especially given the challenging investment environment we’ve been in over the past three years. It’s included one of the worst-performing periods for balanced portfolios, with bonds selling off and investors herding into the megacaps while ignoring the rest of the equity market, which remains well below its 2021 highs. That should be all the information you need to solve for the crossword clue and fill in more of the grid you’re working on!

Personal Finance Checking and Banking Crossword Puzzle

Follow provincial and local instructions about evacuating to a place of safety because even a small place to call home temporarily will provide you with a degree of security to weather the coming days and weeks. He didn’t want to merely murder people, but to do so with the attention of the world. To contribute to the conversation, you need to be logged in. If you are not yet registered, create your account now – it’s FREE. Postmedia is committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion and encourage all readers to share their views on our articles.

As word spread that a more comprehensive approach to the crisis might be under way, stocks soared in near-frenzied trading. The Dow closed up four hundred and ten points, Personal Finance Checking and Banking Crossword Puzzle with the biggest surge in six years. Still, Mack did speak to Vikram Pandit, of Citigroup, about a possible merger, but they jointly concluded that it made no sense.

In Thain’s view, Merrill just needed time for the market to stabilize in order to generate more earnings. He thought that Fleming sounded hysterical, and suspected that Fleming’s sudden eagerness to sell the company reflected, at least in part, resentment at having been passed over in favor of an outsider. Fleming, for his part, suspected that Thain was resisting his suggestion in order to protect his job as chief executive.

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