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This involves going through each and every balance sheet account and reconciling, which can be quite complex depending on the condition of your books. For example, you may be several years behind in bank reconciliations or you may have several dozen outstanding checks that have not cleared your bank account. IRx Accounting prides itself on the timely and accurate delivery of your financials – every month. We often hear from pharmacists who are frustrated due to the very late or almost non existent financial reporting they receive.

Once you subtract your cost of goods sold from net sales you are left with gross profit. If you take gross profit and subtract operating expenses (payroll, utilities, taxes, etc.), you will be left with net income, also known as net profit. You can also calculate gross and net profit as percentages (also called margins). We will offer you tax saving advice and all expenses that your business can legitimately claimWe’ll handle all your year-end figures, and deal with HMRC in preparing your annual declaration of accounts. Far from just ensuring your business is tax compliant, we can also identify areas of tax planning that could save your business money in the short and long term. This could include government-backed reliefs that you may not even be aware of, such as research and development tax credits, that could substantially reduce your tax bill.

The value of a pharmacy accountant for your business

This information is based on the episode Cash Basis Accounting with Rich Danhof and Owen BonDurant of Independent Rx Consulting. In the pharma industry, the costs incurred for manufacturing and items used for manufacturing are integral parts of the company’s total expenses. Our professional experts also consider abnormal costs here to make it more accurate for you.

What is an auditor in pharmacy?

At the pharmacy, an auditor examines paper records, inventory and claims from the previous 12 to 18 months. He also inspects pharmacy computer programs, such as drug interaction and inventory programs, to confirm they are in working order and comply with industry standards.

To be consistent in preparing financial statements, accounting for pharmacies must follow one of two methods. When offering CFO advisory for pharmacies, an accountant may help the pharmacy owner determine what form of accounting is right for them. Let’s say you own a coffee shop and you want to prepare the income statement for December 2016. You need to pharmacy accounting figure out your Cost of Goods Sold — how much you spent on the coffee you sold that month. Let’s also say that on December 1, 2016 a pound of coffee costs you $6, but on December 31, 2016 a pound of coffee costs you $7. There’s of course no way to know exactly which coffee you sold because you just poured it all in the coffee grinder as you needed it.

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Your accounts payable function may have bills outstanding from 2015, sitting as owed to the vendors, when in fact they are current. The list of potential issues can go on and on, but making sure each account is reconciled is crucial to updating your accounting foundation and bringing integrity to the system. It’s extremely important to have your pharmacy’s finances treated by medical accounting professionals to ensure that every aspect is considered and analyzed to help make better and more efficient decisions. Monthly financials delivered timely with well-thought-out layouts to aid analysis.

What is the role of pharmacist in PCT?

Pharmacists integrated into interdisciplinary PCTs globally demonstrated their significant role in many direct patient care activities, including medication management, identifying adverse or incorrect medication usage, counselling on medications, and effectively optimizing a patient's understanding of their own …

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